Bikes Mean Business

Calgarians for Cycle Tracks is pleased to announce the release of our most comprehensive list of businesses supporting the Cycle Track Network to date since we started tracking them in 2014. 

The list of over 100 Calgary businesses demonstrates unprecedented support for the Cycle Track Network on Stephen Avenue, Downtown and throughout the Beltline.


Calgary's Businesses Support the Cycle Track Network 

All_Businesses_Support.jpg Photo by Bryce Meyer

Endorsements Highlights

Calgarians for Cycle Tracks collected over 50 written endorsements from some of Calgary's most reputable businesses all over the Cycle Track Network and across the city. Here are some of the highlights.



“Since the pilot project began, the increase in traffic to our establishments via two wheels has increased substantially, including both customers and staff...I speak on behalf of the entire Concorde Group when I say we are huge advocates of infrastructure like the cycle track that makes the City and its businesses a more vibrant place, while providing safe and reliable access.”

Brad Morrison

Chief Operating Officer, Partner, Concorde Group


“Our two properties have seen a positive return on our investment in the form of increased bookings from cycling advocates as well as favourable local and international press about our bike share program and the city’s cycle track networks. The Cycle Track Network has also had a positive impact on our staff as we employ approximately 270 staff.”

Mark Wilson

General Manager & Vice President, Hotel Arts Group



“Please accept this letter as a show of our support for Calgary’s new Downtown Cycle Track. We are in full support of anything that helps with the vitality of the Downtown core and bringing more people downtown and the results look to support both of those things.”

James Hughes

Regional Director, Operations, Earls



“5 Vines Wine and Spirits located at 218 12 AV SE and it's owners are in full support of the Calgary Cycle Track project.”

Jerome Pommier

Co-owner, Manager, 5 Vines Wine and Spirits



“A great number of my employees rely on the Cycle Tracks to get to and from work. I want them to be safe, and without fear when they ride. These are people who pay taxes. They contribute to society.”

Gilles Brassart

Co-owner, Cassis Bistro, Suzette Bistro, Velo Café, Market17


“We believe that the Cycle Track Network is a huge success! Being a business on the cycle track we see increased foot traffic year round, as well as a greater connectivity to the downtown core. Not only is this a great asset to the business’ along the network but also shows that we as Calgarians are building better and cleaner modes of transportation around our great city!”

Andrew Ocasion

General Manager, Alforno Bakery & Café



“It is truly promoting healthy lifestyle in our city and has offered me balance with mine and my staff of over 200.”

John Jackson

Owner, CHARCUT Roast House & Charbar



“The cycle tracks are a huge boost for our business in added revenue, customer satisfaction and employee happiness. I'm certain The Beltliner would not be nearly as successful without the cycle tracks.”

Brendan Bankowski

Owner, The Beltliner


“As a small business operating in the Beltline, we are very happy with implementation of the Cycle Track network. We are especially happy with the increase in female riders in the area.”

Andrew Brassard

Co-owner, Broken City Social Club


“The Cycle Track Network has showcased that cycling can be a year round option here in Calgary, and ultimately, that means more people out and about in our city, benefiting small business like ourselves.”

Cole Torode

Owner/Operator, Rosso Coffee Roasters


“Analog coffee has been in support of the Cycle Track Network since the pilot began in 2014 and hopes to see the program continue to grow and succeed as a permanent part of our city.”

Ali Sullivan

Manager, Analog Coffee


“We ask that you consider the overwhelming positive results from the final report on the Cycle Track Network as well as the support from businesses like ours and support making the full network permanent so that our staff and clients can continue to have safe and efficient transportation options.”

Jereme Bokitch

Founder, Hedkandi Salons Ltd


Stephen Avenue Loves Bikes


Photo by Masa Higuchi 



“The cycle tracks allow our families, employees and patrons to travel through downtown Calgary safely, whether for commuting or leisure purposes, on foot, by bike, by transit, or by car. The number of patrons arriving via bicycle at Home & Away has been so overwhelming, we worked with Steamwhistle Brewery to install a permanent bike tuning station outside as well as additional bike racks.”

Colin Canning

Home & Away, Commonwealth Bar & Stage, Hifi Club


“As a small business operating in Victoria Park, we’re thrilled with the success of the Cycle Track Network.”

Cody Willis

Owner/Operator, Native Tongues Taqueria


“Please accept this letter as our endorsement of Calgary’s Bike track. We have found the track to be very helpful for our business.”

Chad Salyn

General Manager, Last Best Brewing & Distilling


“ River Café has 50+ staff commuting to work every day, to a carless island, on the Bow River, in the middle of the city. The YYC cycle tracks help ensure they arrive safely, happily and affordably to work day in and out...River Café supports the cycle tracks.”

Madeline Needles

River Cafe



“As an Inglewood based retail shop, we believe that providing safe and accessible transportation options to Calgarians is vital to our economy, our health, and our environment.”

Leslie Gould

The Livery Shop



“It’s important to our business that Calgary keep and expand this critical infrastructure so as to maintain efficient transportation options as our city grows.”

Bob Bradley

Managing Partner, Unicorn Superpub


“Please keep the Cycle tracks! We are a thriving business that not only supports the network but actively uses it every day.”

Jessica Hua

Village Ice Cream


“My staff and guests alike love it!!  Their only request is more bike racks for parking, other then that, it is a big two thumbs up for the bike lanes!!”

Robin Hushagen

General Manager, Guest Experience, Milestones Stephen Avenue



“ The cycle track and improved bicycle parking on 8 Ave is no doubt a contributing factor to this influx in [CIFF] attendance, as was observed by increase cycle traffic and overwhelming feedback regarding the cycle tracks from many of the attendees.”

Jordan Schinkel

Manager, Globe Cinema


“We wanted to share our support for the downtown cycle track network...We would like to continue to see that our guests (including visiting filmmakers), staff and volunteers have safe, attractive, and convenient travel options to our events.”

Brenda Lieberman

Founder & Festival Director, Calgary Underground Film Festival



“A permanent cycle track network is not only safer for cyclists on the go, but also safer for motorists as well. So many volunteers and staff member commute via bicycle across the downtown area s they are heading to the events”

Claudia Bustos

Director of Community Engagement, Beakerhead



“The Folk Festival Society of Calgary wholeheartedly supports the continuance and expansion of Calgary’s downtown Cycle Tracks.”

Debbi Salmonsen

Executive Director, Calgary Folk Music Festival

“ The implementation of the Cycle Track Network in 2015 was wholeheartedly embraced by our audience, with new traffic records being broken each festival, and it has had a tremendously positive effect on our event, and with it the multitude of local businesses we partner with.”

Maud Salvi

Executive Director, Sled Island



“Tourism Calgary believes that enhanced transportation infrastructure routes for all methods of commuting will benefit Calgarians and visitors alike, lending to a connected city with options for mobility.”

Cindy Ady

CEO, Tourism Calgary



“Our cycle tracks are literally being used as an exemplar by other cities. This is an area where Calgary is a leader. Quite simply, we’d look foolish removing them. In time, we should look at where it makes sense to expand the network, so other communities can also begin to see the economic, health, and safety benefits.”

Gregory D. Morrow

Richard Parker Professor in Metropolitan Growth + Change

Haskayne School of Business / Faculty of Environmental Design



Click here for the full list of over 100 Calgary businesses and organizations supporting the Cycle Track Network