Henry Singer Announces New Flagship Location Along Downtown Cycle Track

Iconic Alberta menswear retailer Henry Singer has announced their new flagship store set to open Fall 2017 at the base of Eighth Avenue Place along the downtown cycle track network.



The premier retail chain was selective in their decision for a new location:  

“The street-front concept will provide a renewed focus on the customer experience and set the precedent for future Henry Singer stores.”

The move demonstrates how businesses in the retail industry are innovating to stay ahead of evolving customer trends.  

“Recognizing the ever-changing nature of the retail industry, Henry Singer saw an opportunity to move the needle by incorporating a stronger lifestyle offering into its concept. The new store will include an onsite barbershop and apothecary featuring a curated selection of men's skin care products and fragrances.” 


Future location of flagship Henry Singer store along 8 Avenue cycle track in Downtown Calgary.

This announcement comes just months after over a hundred local businesses spoke up in favour of making the cycle track network permanent.

The Henry Singer location at 8 Avenue place is located at the intersection of the 5 Street and 8 Avenue cycle tracks, which have seen as many as 1,700 and 2,800 bike trips per day, respectively.  


Fast facts about Calgary's Cycle Track Network.