The Cycle Track Network is making it safer for more and more people to get around Calgary by bike. People on Bikes YYC aims to tell the story of those people and our evolving city one snapshot at a time.

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Photographer Residency Program

People on Bikes YYC is supported by short-term resident volunteer photographers who are lending their talents to capture photos of Calgarians and their bicycles. Each season we select a different local photographer to offer their unique perspective and approach to portrait taking. 


Fall 2017 Resident Photographer

As part of our ongoing People on Bikes YYC project, we are looking for our next resident photographer to take over our Instagram feed and help fill it full of artful, beautiful photos of everyday Calgarians on their bikes. The fall residency will run from September - December 2017. Click here for more info on how to apply.


Fall 2016 Resident Photographer


Steve Coutts



"As a kid growing up in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia it was normal to bike everywhere - school, friends houses, events, soccer practice, etc. It may be why I have such a passion for finding and photographing classic bikes. It is amazing to watch how the cycle tracks have begun to normalize cycling in Calgary. They have normalized cycling for me too. My bike is my preferred mode of transportation and is by far the best way for me to get around. I often discover things cycling that I would never have seen staring through a car windshield. I cannot imagine anything better than a photograph of mine inspiring someone to begin their own cycling journey."

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Summer 2016 Resident Photographer


Masa Higuchi  



"I grew up in the bike-friendly city of North Vancouver and have been living in Calgary for 8 years. Although I've spent most of my working career as an engineer, I've recently turned photography from a serious hobby into a small business. I race both road and track bikes. I never was and never will be as fast as the pros but I enjoy it too much to ever stop racing. I also like to ride bikes for the pure pleasure of getting some fresh air, going out for coffee, or just plain exploring different parts of this beautiful city."

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Spring 2016 Resident Photographer


Bryce Meyer



"I work as a commercial, advertising and editorial photographer. I was born and raised in Calgary. I really love bikes and bike culture. I’m a huge fan of road racing but haven’t raced since 1996. I’m president of a local cycling club. I drink two cups of coffee a day. I love dogs but don’t have one. Spring is my favourite season."

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Be part of People on Bikes YYC

Check below for upcoming People on Bikes YYC street shoots and portrait sessions with our current resident photographer, Steve Coutts. RSVP required for portrait sessions.

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