HELP NEEDED: Save the Cycle Track Network!


The Cycle Track Network pilot was opened in June of 2015 and has been a huge success. But the pilot is now officially over and City Council will soon decide whether to make it permanent or scrap it altogether. 

We need your help to ensure that the cycle track network is not scrapped by City Council!


Please consider helping us in two ways:


1) Email City Council and tell them why you support making the cycle track network permanent. 

2) Speak in support of the cycle track network at the Transportation & Transit Committee Meeting at City Hall on Thursday, December 8. See our Facebook Event for more details and to RSVP.


We’re thrilled with just how much of a success the cycle track network has been:


  • More Trips to the Downtown. Cordon count data shows a 40% increase in bike trips to the Downtown since the cycle track network launched.





  • Up to 4x increase in bike trips. Bike trip counts have soared along each of the cycle tracks by as high as 4 times and with an average increase of 300% across the network.






  • More women and children are cycling Downtown. The cycle tracks have increased the number of female riders to 30%. While previously unheard of, it’s no longer uncommon to see small children cycling Downtown or in the Beltline with their parents.



  • Supported by businesses. Over 75 local businesses spoke out in support of the Cycle Track Network in 2014 and continue to support the network so that their staff and customers have more transportation options to access their businesses.





  • Internationally recognized for its success. Cities around the world are looking to Calgary’s unique approach to building a network that can be monitored, adjusted and fine tuned.



View the full summary of the City's Comprehensive Centre City Cycle Track Pilot Report


Now we need everyone's help to ensure that the cycle track network is made permanent.


Thank you for your support.


Calgarians for Cycle Tracks