Supporting Businesses & Organizations


Over 100 local businesses and organizations support the Cycle Track Network and the contribution it will make to the communities it connects, opening up businesses to new customers and helping Calgary attract and retain top talent through improved quality of life.

Please support these businesses and organizations, and thank them for supporting the Cycle Track Network.

If you would like to add your business to the growing list please contact us at 


Click here to read highlights of the written endorsements from some of Calgary's most reputable businesses.


 10_Cent.jpeg 10 Cent Designer
5_Vines.png  5 Vines
54_Blue.jpeg  54 Blue
AHS.png  Alberta Health Services
 Alforno.jpeg Alforno
 analog.jpeg Analog Coffee
Anju.png  ANJU
arusha.jpeg  Arusha Centre
Avec.jpeg  Avec Bistro
balbi.png  Balbi & Company
Bahn_Mi_Thi_Thi.jpg  Banh Mi Thi Thi
Beakerhead.jpeg Beakerhead
BNA.jpg  Beltline Neighbourhoods Association
 beltliner.jpeg The Beltliner
Better_on_you.jpeg  Better on You
BikeBike.jpeg  BikeBike
The_Bike_SHop.jpeg  The Bike Shop
blue_earth_X2.png  Blue Earth Renewables
BourbonRoom.png  Bourbon Room
 broken_city.jpeg Broken City
 beano.jpeg Cafe Beano
 Rosso.png Cafe Rosso, Stephen Avenue
 Calgary_Bicycle_Services.jpeg Calgary Bicycle Services
CFMF-logo.jpg  Calgary Folk Music Festival
CUFF_Calgary.jpg  Calgary Underground Film Festival
 Calgary_Opera.jpeg Calgary Opera
 cassis.jpeg Cassis Bistro
charcut.jpeg  Charcut
Cliff_Bungalow_Mission_C.jpeg  Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association
Clive.png  Clive Burger
 commonwealth.jpeg Commonwealth Bar & Stage
concorde-group-logo.png  Concorde Group
 coppeneur.jpeg Coppeneur Canada
 cookbook_co.jpeg The Cookbook Company
 craft.jpeg Craft Beer Market
 dade.jpeg Dade Art and Design Lab
Deane_House.jpg  Deane House
Double_elle.jpeg  Double ELLE Bakery
DZ-grey.png  Double Zero, Stephen Avenue
Downtown_Drug_Mart.jpeg  Downtown Drug Mart, Stephen Avenue
 dig.jpeg DIG Events
Earls.jpeg  Earls.67, Stephen Avenue
 endeavor.jpeg Endeaveor Arts
Esker.jpeg  Esker Foundation
 evans_hunt.jpeg Evan's Hunt
femme-wave-logo.png  Femme Wave
FlamesCentral.png  Flames CentralStephen Avenue
 Free_and_Easy.jpeg Free and Easy Traveller
globe.jpeg  Globe Cinema, 8 Avenue
GOOD.jpg  GOOD Company
G_G.png  GORO+GUN, Stephen Avenue
gravity_pope.jpeg  Gravity Pope
greeneventservices_logo.png  Green Event Services
Haskayne_School.png  Haskayne School of Business / Faculty of Environmental Design
 hedkandi-logo-black1.png Hedkandi SalonStephen Avenue, Hotel Arts, 8 St SW
Home_and_Away.png  Home & Away
hon_guardian.png  Hon Developments
hop_in_brew.jpg  Hop In Brew
 holy_grill.jpeg Holy Grill
Hifi.jpeg  Hifi Club
Hotel_Arts.jpeg  Hotel Arts
Intrinsic.jpeg  Intrinsi
Janice_Beaton.jpeg  Janice Beaton Fine Cheese
Joyces_Closet.jpeg  Joyce's Closet
jugo_juice.jpeg  Jugo Juice, Stephen Avenue
Kaffeeklatsch.jpg  Kaffeeklatsch
Kensington_Riverside_Inn.png  Kensington Riverside Inn
Kent_of_Inglewood.png  Kent of Inglewood
Kickers.jpeg  Kicker's Smoked Meat Deli
Knifewear.jpg  Knifewear YYC
 Last_Best.jpeg Last Best Brewing & Distilling
Livery.jpeg  The Livery Shop
Local.png  Local 510
Manuel_latruwe.jpeg  Manuel Latruwe
Market_17.jpeg  Market 17
Metrovino.jpeg  Metrovino
 Milestones.jpg Milestones Restaurant, Stephen Avenue
Mission.jpeg  Mission Snow/Skate/BMX

Mountain Equipment Co-op,

Naaco_Truck.jpeg  Naaco Truck
National.jpeg  National, Stephen Avenue, 17 Avenue, 10 Avenue, Westhills
Native_Tongeus.jpg  Native Tongues
New_Gallery.jpeg  New Gallery
North_AMerican_Quality.jpeg  North American Quality Purveyors
O2.png O2 Planning + Design Inc.
Palomino.jpeg Palomino
Paper_St.png  Paper Stree8 Avenue
Patagonia.jpeg  Patagonia, Stephen Avenue
Peasant.jpeg  Peasant Cheese
Phil_and_Sebastien.jpeg  Phil & Sebastian
Pho_Pasteur.jpeg  Pho Pasteur Saigon
puretech.png  Pure Technologies
 Out_There.jpeg Out There Adventure Centre, Stephen Avenue
Quickdraw.jpeg  Quickdraw Animation Society
Reds.jpeg  Red's Diner
Reworks.jpeg  Reworks Upcycle Shop
Rivas.jpeg  Rivas
Ricardo-Hover.png  Ricardos Hideaway
 River_Cafe.jpg River Cafe
Rewind.jpeg  Rewind Consignment
Roots.jpeg  Roots, Mission
Shelf_LIfe_books.png  Shelf Life Books
Sidewalk_citizen.jpeg  Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
Sled_Island.jpeg  Sled Island Music and Arts Festival
Sky360.png  Sky 360
Soma.jpeg  Soma Advanced Skin & Body Therapy
speed_theory.jpeg  Speed Theory
Studio_PResber.jpeg  Studio Presber Architecture + Design
Sunalta.png  Sunalta Community Association
Sunnyside.jpeg  Sunnyside Natural Food Market
 Sustainable_AB_Association.jpg Sustainable Alberta Association
suzette_logo.jpg  Suzette
Techno_Sport.jpeg  Techno Sport 
Tourism_Calgary.png  Tourism Calgary
Transformations.jpeg  Transformations Hair Design
unicorn.jpeg  The Unicorn SuperpubStephen Avenue
Unique_Blend.jpg  Unique Blend Coffee
uofc-bike-share.jpg  University of Calgary Bike Share
UofC_SU.png  University of Calgary Students Union
Vagabond.jpeg  Vagabond Brewery

Velo Cafe


Victoria Park BIA

Village.jpeg  Village Brewery
Village_icecream.jpg  Village Ice Cream
Vine_arts.jpeg  Vine Arts
Vision_Zero.jpg  Vision Zero Calgary
Waves.jpeg  Waves Coffee
Westbank.jpeg  Westbank Projects Corp.
Western_Securities.jpeg  Western Securities 
Wildhorse.png  Wildhorse
Xseonsor.jpeg  XSENSOR Technology Corporation