Thank you and Happy New Year!



On December 19th, City Council made the historic vote 10-4 to make the entire Cycle Track Network permanent. This was a huge victory for all the ordinary Calgarians and Calgary businesses that voiced their support for the network over the last three years.


Thank you to the Councillors!

A thank you is in order to all the Councillors and Mayor who voted overwhelmingly in support of making the network permanent including:

  • Ray Jones, Ward 5

  • Richard Pootmans, Ward 6

  • Druh Farrell, Ward 7

  • Evan Woolley, Ward 8

  • Gian-Carlo Carra, Ward 9

  • Andre Chabot, Ward 10

  • Brian Pincott, Ward 11

  • Shane Keating, Ward 12

  • Diane Colley-Urquhart, Ward 13

  • Naheed Nenshi, Mayor


Thank you to all the Calgary businesses!

Thank you to the 100+ Calgary businesses and organizations voiced their support for the Cycle Track Network and its contribution to improving access between communities and increasing vibrancy in Calgary.


Thank you to Calgarians and our supporters!

Thank you to all the ordinary Calgarians who were inspired to take the time and speak up to make this City a better place. Your contributions made a huge impact and smashed previous records for emails to City Councillors, literally flooding their inboxes with over 800 emails of support.


Help us keep making Calgary more bike-friendly!

Calgary still has a long way to go to becoming truly bike-friendly and we need you to stay engaged so that we can keep expanding the network to connect to more communities across the City. Here’s how you can help us move forward:

  1. Take the YYC Bike Pledge so we can keep you up to date with the latest information

  2. Support these businesses that stood up for the Cycle Track Network.


Thank you and have a happy new year!


-Calgarians for Cycle Tracks